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Timber Frame Building

We use tried and tested timber frame technology, avoiding some of the latest hi-tech alternatives that are still proving to be problematic. Engineered to high levels of accuracy and quality, the system allows speedy construction.

Now used in over 75% of new homes in Scotland, the skills are readily available to make the most of this efficient building process. Using timber from managed forests, timber kits are by far the most environmentally friendly way to build.

Some of the key benefits:

    1. Significantly simplifies on site construction
    2. Allows speedy construction to wind & watertight reducing costs.
    3. High levels of insulation easily integrated.
    4. Off site manufacture leads to greater control and quality.
    5. High environmental benefits using timber from managed forests.

Our kits only use the highest efficiency insulation materials and reflective breather membranes, meaning our walls exceed current building regulation by far. We also make the most of Accredited Construction Details, issued by the Scottish Government, when followed correctly allow the reduction of air leakage in the building reducing heating and energy bills substantially.

We are one of the few companies who are accredited Certifiers of Design, which allows us to design our houses around the whole energy use of the building, rather than just individual elements. We can then take in to account the heating, lighting, solar gain and heat loss to ascertain the actual energy use and C02 created.

Typical energy values, or commonly referred to as U-values, for our houses are as follows:

External walls : 0.23 W/m sq. K.
Roofs : 0.15 W/m sq. K.

Firefly Wood appreciate that energy use and its resultant cost is a major factor for most self-builders. Further to this our designs allow integration of many alternative energy saving technologies and offer the option to upgrade insulation levels and specification.

Click here to view our standard timber kit specification (80kB)


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