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About Firefly Wood

The award winning Architects, Andrew Black Design, have created Firefly Wood. Using our extensive experience in bespoke house design we have incorporated architectural elements in all our housetypes with light and 3-dimensional spaces at the forefront of each.

The houses are all designed with the idea of a Scottish vernacular in mind, encompassing the elements of traditional Scottish architecture with modern house design.

Fundamental to our designs are incorporating simple ecological principles such as gathering spaces like utility rooms and bathrooms to the north of the house. This allows small windows to be used here, which minimise heat loss, and allow the south to elevation to be predominantly glazed and maximise the suns heat for the living spaces. Cross ventilation with simple opposite windows allows the house to be easily ventilated in a traditional manner.

Our knowledge of various construction technologies also allows us to keep abreast of new construction techniques and make a reasoned decision on whether they should be used in housing regardless of their economic benefits.  These skills and our professional training raise our designs above what the traditional housing market can offer.

Acharn Rear View
Acharn Rear View


Contemporary Staircase as Standard
Contemporary Staircase as Standard


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